Personally I don’t like the word model but is the accepted word to use for the link. Nor the pose, although the non-portraiture work on this site is fictitious my collaborators are not acting but presenting themselves. I recognise their gait and posture within the images, and see them, not a shape thrown based on industry expectations.

A large proportion of the imagery has been sat by friends rather than professional models. I actively seek non-professionals for the lack of preconceptions they bring, all have expressed how enjoyable the process of photographed was.

If you are curious about, or would like to collaborate on a nude composition, or as near naked as you dare, please get in touch. I am interested in people, not types, and welcome approaches from everyone regardless of age, race, gender, build, although a sense of humour is required.

Although my work is 'fictional' rather than portraiture I would also discuss more conventional boudoir photography. I do not pay models and likewise I do not accept payment for nude portraiture, it is, instead a mutual adventure. Send your email to anything you want at this domain.


First and foremost the work here is not just mine, it is a collaboration between the “models” and myself. Without them there would be no imagery, they bring and leave a little of themselves in each picture, breathe into it a life of it’s own, an emotional reach beyond the constructs I initially create. And for that I am eternally grateful to them, thank you...

Adie, Aiden, Anne, Bea, Ben, Ben, Bryn, Elisa, Erin, Felix, Hannah, Holie, Hellen, Henrietta, Holes~in~the~sea, Humphrey, Isa, Jess, Juçara, Kate, Kamilla, Laura, Lee, Littlelight, Lisa, Liz, Martin, Maya, Megan, Mengxi, Nikki, Noel, Paul, Peter, Philip, Poppy, Rose, Rosie, Roxy, Ruby, Ruth, Sarah, Scarlet, Sebastian, Sophia, Sophie, Tansy, Yem, Zac.

I would use the word ‘artist’ rather than photographer not because of high-minded concept, rather a lack of technical prowess when it comes to working cameras. The fact that the imagery conveys what it does is in no small part due to the support I receive from Vaughan Matthews who carries light and magic in his bag and always returns my calls; Katkimoko for the fabulous hair, wigs and make-up; Yiannis Habbias for his natural cheek, support and tricks; Chris, Brian and Al at BDI and lastly the yardstick by which my ideas fly or fail; Mrs Baker.