Interactive work
Comissioned by Cybersonica

2002 Cybersonica Convergence ICA UK
2002 Media Art Festival Friesland Holland
2005 Cybersonica Dana Institute UK
2005 Big Blip 05 UK

“Completing ‘SoundBox’ raised several questions and opened fresh possibilities between the interaction of two dimensional screen based movement and a resulting interpretation in sound, these issues are addressed in a new suite of works entitled ‘Algorhythms’.

Where originally each soundscape in SoundBox was programmed to allow a full range of expression by the player - a visual recording studio - Algorhythms are instead more focused and concentrated instruments. Each algorhythm has been programmed with a particular style in mind, although like any system of play the user can alter the initial presets and discover motifs un-thought of by the author.”

Interactive work

2009 Shunt

AlgorhythmsAlgorhythms                                      ChimesChimes Shunt 2009