What does it mean to be naked?

To some it is a state of embarrassment and to others joy.

To some it is an erotic experience and to others funny

It is the ever present question in Julian Baker's work... no answers just a luscious, erotic and sometimes alarming quest.

Men and women of all ages, in sets and costume both exotic and everyday show us all or part of their nakedness.

The experience is one of intimate sharing, a ruse that pulls you in as the viewer making you forget that you have become voyeur.

These photographs can make you laugh, make you worry and may sometimes make you feel uncomfortable but they will never let you down.

They are a cabinet of curiosities and like the bride they are stripped bare.

Name withheld by request
May 2011

From the Skintones series
Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Exhibition, National Portrait Gallery
‘Friends #3’
From the Coupled series
‘Stag’ From the Jungian Woods series
From the Overt series
From the Magnoliophyta series